Amongst the lily-pads and dewdrops I lie.

6130milesawayfromyou:First of all I have to say, that I really love your blog and your images! <3 They are amazing! *w* Do you have or are you making any tutorials how to edit Aion screenshots so that they look like yours? o.o I really wanna try myself! :D Have a nice day! <3

Aww, thank you very much. ♡ As of the moment, I don’t have any tutorials that are made by me. I feel very flattered you want to edit similar to me. I don’t know about making an actual tutorial, I’ve honestly never given thought to it - I’m still learning many new ways to edit as well. If you would like me to, I could try in my spare time, or if you’d like to just ask me more specific inquiries on how I edit, I’d be happy to go into more detail. Hope you have a nice day as well!

pillowlace:You never cease to amaze me with how amazingly gorgeous your posts are. Every time I come back to this site I can't wait to see what's new on your blog that will brighten my day. just wanted to flood your feed with my likes on your beautiful work. I hope you are well <3 I also really hope those who have taken your work have recently credited back to you. I'm sorry about that. damn thieves:( just dropping a line to one of my favorite blogs and to one sweet person. ok I'm rambling hope to chat :3

Aww, so sweet, I miss you - one of the most kindest people ever! ♡ And your posts too. I hope you are doing fine and life is treating you well. Hope this isn’t too late of a reply. ^-^;;

Anonymous:Do you stream Or got any videos of you Beliel?

Hii, unfortunately no atm. :c I’ve been asked to make some before but I’m too nub. Most you’ll ever see of me in action is perhaps on an old stream of friends’. You can also find old videos of me pvping here, and here, back when pvp was better (it’s not in my pov though, sorry). Honestly people are more into who beats what instances first these days.

Can you hear my heartbeat? 

damav:Hi um yes youre screenshot are absolutly amazing, there is nothing else to say on that, do you arrange the hair on photoshop? Like if you we're drawing other string of hair on it? It's still beautiful!

Hii, thank you very much. ^-^ Yes, I painted over some parts the hair - it’s as far as I go with painting over my Aion screenies (aside from trying to fix slight errors).

wandering nymph

It snowed today. c:

It snowed today. c:

Anonymous:Hey Beli vk. com/tower_of_aion also has your stuff up. ;(

Hello, thank you for telling me - I will check it out soon. I wasn’t aware my screenies were being used in so many different pages, aside from reblogs. I must admit it is rather grating to not have them sourced back/cited to me, as I do feel I’ve spent a good amount of effort editing them. 

To be honest, I have tried to look up ways to prevent this a while back, but I know a simple push of Prt Scr puts my efforts in vain. If you’ve taken my screenshots from my blog, and want to use them, then please cite properly (i.e. NOT linking it back to tumblr’s stored image link - that in no way cites me). Thank you in advance.

Anonymous:Do you use the high quality graphics engine or the original? I can't decide. I really love the lighting of the high quality engine but I miss the anti-aliasing in the original. :(

Hi, I use the high quality engine. It really is a shame it doesn’t have anti-aliasing. My screenshots look pretty horrible when I take ‘as-is.’ I use an nVidia graphics card, adjusting the settings on there for anti-aliasing on my games. For anything else I find unsuitable I merely try to photoshop.

For me, it’s much easier to adjust the lighting than to fix anti-aliasing digitally. However, I would still use the high quality graphics over the old. The general population doesn’t have a critical eye unless they’ve studied and learned it, so they will look at something in its entirety and assess from there instead of being critical. If you’re not one to photoshop, I think the HQ engine is better in producing a screenshot that the general public appeals to more, regardless of anti-aliasing. Though that’s just from my experience. 

Edit: Nearly-away also commented some good points. I’d say go with your aesthetic preference. Photoshop definitely is a great tool for fixing up the faults of either versions. 

Anonymous:What do you think about people who steal or copy others screenshots? Capriceriense has been using yours and others screenshots on their tumblr.

Hello! I’ve already been made aware of the situation, but thank you all the same.

I don’t know if this individual is doing this on purpose or not. I have seen them re-blog others. I don’t expect people to re-blog. In my general thinking, perhaps they do not like how I’ve executed my post, but is in turn inspired by just one particular picture and would like to create their own photo-set. I am fine with that - citations would be perfect, I understand how straining/disrespectful it is to have someone take credit for one’s own work. I’ve forgotten before myself though, or questioned the technicalities of said issue. 

As for my general opinion on the matter, I myself have always been quite judgmental regarding plagiarism towards others, intentional or not. However I also am fond of the idea that ones blog is an outlet that they may post what they will, though addressed in a proper manner for the public eye will probably be better received. 

I hope he/she will take the criticism positively, cite, and understand how upsetting the issue may be with everyone. 

Onward to adventures, just you and me.